Walking Home: My family and other Rambles


I'm very excited to have finished my new book. My Animals and Other Family had such a good reception and I'm very grateful to all those who bought it, read it, shared it and enjoyed it. I've brought the story up to date, this time using walks around Britain and Ireland as my framework. It's called Walking Home: My Family and Other Rambles and I really hope you'll like it. 

You can order your paperback copy now now from Waterstones and WH Smith, as an ebook at Hive and on iTunes, or as an audio book at Audible.

Growing up on a racing yard, I used to know the geography of the UK only by racecourses. A bit like my brother thought the seasons of the year were “Flat” and “National Hunt”, I regarded Newmarket as the capital of the world and Lambourn as a major centre of industry.

I never had time to walk, or to discover Britain. I was too busy rushing on to the next adventure, jumping the next fence.

Then, in 1999, I took a call out of the blue from a radio producer looking for a presenter for a new series.

‘Do you walk?’ she asked. ‘Well, I walk the dog…’ I replied.

That series, Ramblings, is still going strong – and I’ve caught the walking bug. Since then I’ve covered fifteen hundred miles of footpaths, from the Pennine Way to the South West Coastal Path. I’ve tackled apocalyptic thunderstorms, struggled with blisters and a twisted ankle, and seduced fans of ‘erotic radio’ by getting changed in a bus stop. I’ve walked with historians, geologists, twitchers, botanists and poets, who’ve told me things they never thought they would reveal.

Now I want my family to share some of that pleasure. My brother Andrew and I are determined to conquer the Wayfarer’s Walk, a route which runs past the family stables Kingsclere. What could possibly go wrong?

 Walking Home is also available in hardback at Waterstones, WH Smith and Hive.

  • Hannah October 27th

    I finished reading this, this weekend just gone. If it hadn't been about 11:30 at night I'd have pulled my shoes on for a walk around the area I live in. I am planning some further adventures rather than just walking to and from the supermarket with my three month old baby boy. Tempted to hijack my Dad's OS map for Bedfordshire and seeing if I can do some walks.
  • Martin Lawless August 20th

    Wish you all the Success with your Book Claire. I will surely look forward to your read. your parents must be so very proud of your Lifes achievements so far Claire. And hopefully you will delight us the Public with Lot's and more Lot's of your TV appearances in so many variety of programs and now in your Writings. Thanking you again Claire for been just you. Martin Lawless x
  • Tina Boyden August 16th

    Hi Claire, If I could get a signed copy of your book you would tick 3 things off my favourites list in one go: walking, horses, and collecting /reading signed books. For your next book, add in food (preferably including chocolate), nice glass of wine, and hot water bottle, and that will be my life outside work pretty much wrapped up :-)
  • Barbara Dixon August 16th

    Really enjoyed your first book, my family remember your family as we are from the next village to wartnaby. Will you be signing books in Leicestershire?
  • Nina Gregory August 14th

    Really looking forward to reading your second book Clare - can I purchase a signed copy, or better still, will you be doing some book signings? Kind Regards
  • Susan (Glasgow) July 11th

    Loved your first book Clare and really looking forward to the new one, being a very keen walker myself. Hope you are coming to Glasgow on book signing tour.
  • Maria July 11th

    Will you be selling any signed copies Clare? :)
  • Carol July 11th

    Will you be doing book signings Calre?
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