'My Animals and Other Family'


From her canine counterparts to the pony who knew her better than than her parents - Clare introduces to the animal stars of her childhood memoirs.

"I grew up in a rather unusual household,” Clare explains. “My father was a champion race horse trainer, so I grew up surrounded by 100 thoroughbreds, by mares, and foals, by a pack of Boxers and Lurchers, and to be perfectly honest, my brother Andrew and I came pretty near the bottom of the pecking order.

“For most of my childhood I actually thought I was a dog…

“But it was a magical childhood as well, and this is the story of that childhood... And most of all, it's the story of the animals. It's their story as much as it is mine.”

Publication day for My Animals and Other Family is September 13th 2012 - Buy on Amazon, Waterstones or WHSmith now.

Watch Clare introduce My Animals and Other Family and find out how your own animal anecdotes could win you a personalised copy of the book and tea at The Ritz with Clare in her Penguin Facebook competition.

  • Yvonne de'Ath August 24th

    I enjoyed your book immensely ...I am not into horses, dogs or racing. but this is a book for everyone....most people will identify with you and your descriptions are great...please write more....I have bought this book as presents for friends ..Thank you x
  • Diane Atkinson April 16th

    Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your book Clare didn't want to get to the end! I have enjoyed the company of lots of Labradors over the years and various other animals!There just the best always loving never judging.Thanks for such a lovely read.Regards Diane
  • Annabel Slater April 1st

    Dear Clare,I was given your book as a 60th birthday present & have just finished it. It brought a huge smile to my face whilst reading it as i could relate to it in so many ways.I've ridden since the age of 4yrs moving up the scales from Pony club through to BHS,Dressage/Eventing with many Ponies /Horses of all shapes & sizes + with mixed personalities over the years ! So thank you for sharing your experiances with us,it was a sheer joy & delight too read. I am a big fan of yours,best wishes for the future.A.S.xx
  • Ros Francis April 1st

    I hesitated to read you book because I have had nothing to do with horses (I grew up with ballet and tennis!) and am not very keen on dogs either ( a mad boxer used to chase me when cycling to and from school!). However, I admire the way you have developed your career and the confidence and natural approach you have, whatever the context. I put your book on my Kindle and found I couldn't put it down! I must tell you that I have learnt so much about the world of horses and was fascinated and impressed by the way you have used the ups and downs you experienced to find the real you to become so successful in your life and work. Many congratulations and thank you.
  • Sally Pullen March 17th

    Dear Claire, I have just read your book in under a week, it was so very entertaining. I loved your early years especially! I have no knowledge of horses or racing but your wrote in a way that got me gripped and I found the book hard to put down. I'll be recommending it to my book club! thank you.
  • Lyn Warren February 24th

    I have Just finished reading your book and what a pleasure it was. It was funny and interesting, talking about you and your families life with the animals. I used to live in Whitchurch and still visit today so, l knew of Kingsclere, Cottingham Hill etc. It was such a lovely place to live and the surrounding areas are nice too. Well done Clare, very enjoyable.
  • Elaine Dent February 8th

    What a great read, Thakyou Clare, Being brought up in the horse world myself not far from you, Wollton Hill, just outside Newbury, my father new your family,, it has brought back some old memories of my childhood on the stud,, being taught to ride by my dad, thankyou for a great book and some happy memories of my own. X
  • Elaine Dent February 8th

    What a great read, Thakyou Clare, Being brought up in the horse world myself not far from you, Wollton Hill, just outside Newbury, my father new your family,, it has brought back some old memories of my childhood on the stud,, being taught to ride by my dad, thankyou for a great book and some happy memories of my own. X
  • Neamh Grierson February 7th

    Dear Clare, I wanted to thank you for hugely entertaining me during the last week with your audio version of your book. I have very boring motorway drives with work, however they have been most enjoyable with your wonderfully voiced narration of My Animals and Other Family. Thank you again.
  • Sonja Whenman February 3rd

    Dear Clare, Just a quick line to let you know how much I loved your book, I have ridden since the age of three and am now fourty one, mainly hunters and pointers....I am lucky enough to have been brought up with dogs and at the moment have a wonderful blue lurcher bitch who has been the best and the worst dog I have ever had. I could totally relate to your book and read it in three sittings. Wishing you all the very best for the future and looking foward to your next book. Best wishes, Sonja Whenman
  • Helen January 21st

    Dear Clare. I have just finished reading your book and feel compelled to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it. I read Gerald Durrell's book for 'O' level when I was 16, and loved the anecdotal humour. Your book reminded me of this, as well as all the chaos and fun of family life seen through a youngster's eyes. Your book was poignant, honest, amusing and fascinating and I could hear you saying those lines as I read them. I chuckled and cried my eyes out right to the end, and my daughter, who gave me this book as a Christmas present, now wants to read it. Thank you Clare!
  • Maureen Judd January 18th

    Thankyou so very much for writing this book it is wonderful. It took me back to my childhood the good and the bad parts,I had a few ponies who were very similar with their antics and I can relate to the dieting/weight problem as it still plagues me to this day. The sad thing is that Ive finished your book, I still wish I was reading it-so more please Clare xxx
  • Andrea Parrish January 18th

    Dear Clare, wow what a lovely lovely read... I am currently recovering indoors (out of the freezing weather!) from a hip replacement. I have just finished reading your lovely book, it has cheered me up no end, it has prevented me from slipping into self pity... Unable to jump on my horse to go hunting, just nip up to ride out the pointers at the Andrews (Georgina and Bridget) and most of all pick up my 6 month old baby! Don't tell AP but I had to put his book on hold, it's folded over at the page where he mentions Gina. I have laughed out loud and tears have trickled down my cheeks. My husband knows the animals in our household are at the top of the pile, doggies and horses are just the best and every child should be involved with them. My baby is very fortunate to be born into a farming and animal orientated family and I hope that he experiences the same fun and adventures that I did as a child with my little brother. Brilliant book Clare and we wish you all the best for your future as the face of Channel 4 Racing xx
  • Jane January 17th

    just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book. I didn't grow up with animals but with grandparents who loved racing and taught me about form and placing bets before I went to school. Reading about the racing world brought back many memories. Many thanks for a great read.
  • Marilyn January 1st

    Your book was a Christmas present from my son who was not only born in the same year, but also the month as you. It is absolutely brilliant! Haven't enjoyed a book so much in a long time. Can't think why my son thought it suitable! Maybe something to do with the animals I have kept over the years (though sadly not horses or ponies). I do have a dog the image of Barney. Thank you so much for the way you told the story - it will reach the hearts of all those who share their lives with animals.
  • December 28th

    Dear Clare, I have just had a day sick in bed with your wonderful book. I cried and laughed and empathized greatly with you, I too was a much misunderstood and dismissed girl child. Thankyou for sharing your story with us through your dogs and horses, this is the first book my 13yr old daughter can read without having the living daylights scared out of her! We absolutely adore you and Willie Carson and will miss seeing him at Ascot with you doing yr fantastic double act. Myself and my 3 daughters love you and even my chauvanist husband is making warm noises of approval when you appear on TV! praise indeed I can tell you! Wishing all the very best in your life and for 2013. God Bless xx
  • Nicky Rae (nai Payne-Gallwey) October 20th

    Dear Clare. I have had the most enjoyable two days, which is all it took me to read your book. Having grown up in Lambourn the daughter of a trainer I was transported straight back to my childhood memories even down to the whistle which my parents used to call to me or one another in a crowd! I cant wait for my daughter to read it too to get a very clear picture of my childhood. I am much older than you but it was no different in my day when I and the Nelson and Marshall boys careered all over the downs and up to the White Horse (Uffington) on our ponies. Thank you for a marvellous story well told. We are all a big fan of yours. x x
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