Clare: Mobot queen!


It all started earlier this year when Mo Farah appeared on Sky 1’s A League Of Their Own alongside our very own Clare Balding.

Host James Corden suggested that Mo Farah needed his own signature move to overtake Usain Bolt’s infamous ‘To Di World’ pose.

Clare innocently suggested “I think he should do the ‘M’ from the YMCA, the ‘M’ for ‘Mo,” even demonstrating the pose herself!

Mo was so taken with the pose he promised to perform it if he won at the Games. James then coined the pose ‘The Mobot’.

Little did Clare know that only a few months later, Mo would be finishing the final lap of the 10,000M in a blistering 53.88 seconds and winning Britain its first ever gold in the event.

And what did he do when he reached the finishing line? You guessed it! The Mobot has now become a living room legend as thousands of fans recreated the pose.

Usain even got in the action as the two sporting heroes paid homage to one another (and their signature moves) in the arena.

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  • Ed August 25th

    Sorry, to say but that mobot sign makes black people look like monkeys when they do it. Don't do it, Mo or any other black athlete. Maybe Clare was innocent when she suggested it
  • Anthony Zahra August 25th

    Shane Zahra - are you Maltese? Claire, you're great
  • Hilary August 15th

    Well well I might have guessed it - so your Usain's inspiration.! An inspiration to us all Clare - love it when you're on. xx
  • Shane Zahra August 15th

    May I say, 'congratulations' on your recent coverage of the olympics, you truely have a wonderful trait. Also, I hope your new job goes well , BBC has now lost it's brightest star.... Good luck. Lastly, a great big respect to your partner on that plastic bottle lout!
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