• Clare Lewis-Jones August 23rd

    Archie is so like our 11 month old Tibetan Terrier "Freya" - not only in looks but it would appear in behaviour! "Freya - LEAVE" as she picks up another bottle top (which she seems to have some sort of secret antennae to hunt them out!). But cute, adorable, loving and funny! We love her to bits!
  • Andrey August 23rd

    People should be enaugrcoed to rescue more publicly, but you can't expect breeding to end all together. Rescue dogs´╗┐ often have behavioural issues that first time owners wouldn't be able to cope with and the dog still wouldn't be happy/end up going back to the shelter. Dogs still need to be bred for service e.g. guide dogs that have perfect temperaments and they need to be trained from puppies. Those with allergies need low dander/shedding breeds that aren't always at a shelter.
  • Yair August 23rd

    I now have the blinkie on my page yay!!!! Thanks soooo very much for coihsong me as one of the top five ladies its an honor, congratulations to all you other ladies :o)
  • Jules ireson August 12th

    Hi Clare. Sadly, I don't have BT Sport, just Freeview. So sorry I won't catch your shows. You're the best sports presenter / interviewer on TV, anywhere! Take care, and can't wait for sequel to your autobiography. Jules x
  • Jacqui July 16th

    Couldn't put it down -very down to earth! I purchased this for my mother who also enjoyed the book. Extremely well written. You are a very talented lady, well done!
  • valerie hodgson June 11th

    a wonderful read, thanks Clare, but no mention in appearances (on the fly leaf) of 'my life in books' when you gave me the best dog book ever 'The art of racing in the rain' I cried so much at the end, the husband thought I had a serious problem! My next dog has to be called Enzo.
  • karen busby May 3rd

    hi clare, i adored the book, i couldnt stop reading it, at my daughters yard 6.30am while she mucked out, at school while waiting for kids, every available stop in the car i would whip it out, i too cried when your dog died in your arms, i laughed out loud at some of yours and andrews little anticits, and i found out so much about horses and yards that i really have found useful, my daughter has been horse mad since the age of 3 years and like you its her whole life, she is 13 now and has a lovely horse called cracker who has her jumping 5foot, as i write she is in a local show. thanks so much for a lovely read. wishing you lots of love karen and
  • Jane Barling April 6th

    Just finished the book and LOVED it. Thank you. Just a fab read, please do another! My mother has read it and now my 10 year old daughter wants to too! x
  • brenda gaffney April 1st

    hi clare do you remember me we did the Leitrim way for your ramblings programme, a good few years ago. what a fantastic day, do hope you managed to get the blackthorn stick home I gave you, remember you had a very bad back. sorry to hear you had health problems after that hope things are good now you look fantastic. I have just finished my last treatment for cancer after 2 yrs, just recovering, your book really helped, couldn't put it down. love the way you wrote it through your animals, I have never had dealings with horses so you gave me a great incite into their nature. my life has been full of dogs and I can remember every one, my first a dark brown cocker spaniel, his name would not be PC today, he would be tied to my trolley and I can remember clearly rubbing his velvet ears. I have a carne/collie cross apricot and white now she is 10, people think she is a Tibetan. the last few years have been difficult my husband also suffered a stroke. but my safety valve has been my voluntary job with Leitrim animal welfare (check out their web site) I puppy play it is so therapeutic, especially the ones who come in with no mammies. I have been sensible up to now, though I have fostered a few pups till new homes came up for them, I have never been tempted to keep one. but I have fallen in love with a little Shih Tzu, I nursed mammy while she was pregnant she had been rescued from a puppy farm and had to be trimmed to her skin, I was with her when she went into labour she had 5 lovely pups 3 white and black 2 honey and white, very like my Della, so put my name on Little fairy Si'oge will be getting her in a couple of weeks. loved in your book when you went to choose new dogs with your mum. so glad to hear you are so happy, and things are going well. I loved Crufts you do a fantastic job, no better woman to present that programme, it shines through your love of the dogs and their dedicated owners. loved this yeas winner. would love to get there one year. thanks again for the wonderful book, do hope there will be more. love and best wishes brenda
  • lesley towse February 10th

    I absolutely loved your book. I'm not a big reader but struggled to put the book down. I wish Id seen you cut up Princess Anne at Beverley ( as that is where I live) & so glad you beat her. Thanks
  • jane roberts January 19th

    I have just finished My Animals and Other Family and had to write to say: What a brilliant read and thank you! Throughout the book i have laughed, cried and been totally absorbed from the very first page. It has been like a trip down memory lane of my own childhood, pony club events included. Thank you Clare, can't wait for the next book.
  • Helen Ives December 7th

    I'm in that photo, just under the water wheel - great choice. Such a great night!
  • Andrea A Johnson October 12th

    ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again
  • Paul Tripptree September 26th

    That Archie is a brilliant dawg!! He cracks me up!
  • Paul Tripptree September 26th

    I love this pic, very pretty, (and the horse!)
  • Lesley Barton September 11th

    Hi Clare, the band playing Bear Necessities were from Davyhulme, Manchester, 3rd Davyhulme Marching Scout&Guide Band,look up on YouTube, my son is playing base drum, they went to The Menin Gate & Disnet Paris to play after their stint at Olympics!
  • Flora Jewell- Stern September 11th

    Love this picture- Claire you look wonderful and love getting to see Aunt Emma and Uncle Ian! Love to you all and best of luck with the book! Can't wait to read it- xxoo
  • Estelle Silver August 30th

    I'm so happy to see the lovely Clare back, at the Paralympics! And so glad the 'limpics isn't quite over yet!!
  • Johanna whiting August 28th

  • Lynne Ceeney August 14th

    Chris Mears was a really impressive commentator, the right mix of know how, enthusiasm and humour. Um, wonder who is his role model?
  • Sila Sheridan August 13th

    Clare, you were fantastic, loved all the clothes you wore but especially the blue/white stripe top in the above photo on the last day. Please could you let me know where i can purchase the same top from please. Many thanks/kind regards Sila Sheridan Brentwood, Essex
  • John Airey August 11th

    What kind of bird do you mean? One that can't fly very high? A bird's eye view is usually the overhead one...
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